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This section is under development

Please ignore contents of this page.

Contact details are, however, correct! (link at left)

How to Add Pages to MAIN MENU (left) using Contribute:

  1. At top of screen, click "New Page" button
  2. Follow prompts, use "autom.dwt" as template for automation pages, "audio.dwt" as template for audio (der...)
  3. Save the new page under the "autom" folder or the "audio" folder as appropriate
  4. Now you need to create a menu link to the new page...
  5. At top right of screen, click "Choose" button
  6. Find file "/autom/" or "/audio/" as appropriate
  7. Go into edit mode for this file
  8. Use repeating regions to add another row
  9. Right-click on the new link and edit link properties  so it points to your new page
  10. Add or delete repeating sub-menus as required for this part of the site, remember, you'll have to make new pages as above for every new link
  11. Publish it and then test your work
  12. Done!!